t Scaladays 2015 - dag
13 June 2015

Scaladays 2015

ScalaDays 2015 are over and i was a great experience to join in. The overall quality of the talks was amazing and it was nice to see that there is so much drive within the Scala community.

Following you find a brief write up of the talks i had the chance to visit.

Keynote: Scala - where it came from, where it’s going

Martin Odersky


(Martins’ talk starts at about 00:12:00)

Take aways

  • Make the platform more powerful
  • Make the language simpler
  • Work on the foundations to get to the essence of scala

Martin mentioned “early initializers”. A language feature that was so far unknown to me. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4712468/in-scala-what-is-an-early-initializer

Tuesday Keynote: Life Beyond the Illusion of Present

Jonas Bonér


Take aways

  • Interesting notation of the “ladder of knowledge”

    Cɸ: Common Knowledge (infinite number of i)
    Eiɸ: (Everyone knows * i) ɸ
    E3ɸ: (Everyone knows * 3) ɸ
    E2ɸ: Everyone knows Everyone knows ɸ
    E1ɸ: Everyone knows ɸ
    Sɸ: Someone knows ɸ

  • Lamport/Vector clocks

    • https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamport-Uhr
    • http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vektoruhr

Project Gålbma: Actors vs. Types

Roland Kuhn


Take aways

  • Will be be fully interoperable with untyped actors

Performance Testing Crash Course

Dustin Whittle


Take aways

  • treat performance as a feature


From Source: Scala at Twitter

Stu Hood

Take aways

  • Twitter uses Pants as their buildsystem

The Twelve Factor App: Best Practices for Scala Deployment

Joe Kutner

Take aways

State of the Meta, Summer 2015

Eugene Burmako


Kamon: Metrics and traces for your reactive application

Ivan Topolnjak


Take aways

The Future of AI in Scala, and on the JVM

Adam Gibson


Why Spark Is the Next Top (Compute) Model

Dean Wampler


Take aways

The Reactive Streams Implementation Landscape

Mathias Doenitz


Take aways

Reactive Slick for Database Programming

Stefan Zeiger



Functional Data Validation (or How to Think Functionally)

Dave Gurnell


Take aways

A next generation tool for Scala code review

Alexander Podkhalyuzin